With a NEXUS Center, disadvantaged population groups in decentralized regions are given the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial activities and gain access to basic services such as clean drinking water, electrical energy, sanitation, internet connection and other offers at a fair price.

Sustainable quality of life

Promotion of local entrepreneurship

The nexus concept - this is how it works

Investing in sustainable development

Within the NEXUS concept, sustainability is defined as pre-financing the basic structure and refinancing by independent local companies and their customers by means of the sale of the products and services offered by the NEXUS Center. This means that necessary investments for a center are being eradicated over time by the sales of water and other services. The invested capital is amortized in approximately 5 years and then either repaid to the investor or reinvested into a new project. The strength of the idea is the local anchoring through the inclusion and support of commercial entrepreneurial offers. This allows the organic multiplication of the centers, adapted to the respective local conditions.
Once the prerequisites for an investment are met, we offer our investors, together with guaranteed social and environmental effects, financial profits in the form of interest or dividends.


With your investment, you are involved in the realization of the entrepreneurial approach of the NEXUS Center idea. You will become a shareholder or lender directly to the project in Nepal. We are currently working to create the necessary structural environment for an Equity Based Crowdfunding campaign.


Your donation is used as an investment and flows into the NEXUS project. Your donation will be amortized over the term of approximately 5 years and then used for further projects. Thus the donation becomes an important element of the development of further centers.
We offer you complete transparency and regular information on the status of the project. The contributions are tax-exempt.

Donation Status



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